June 19

Case Study: Optimizing Financial Processes for 365 Global with Bridge Path Partners


365 Global is a small educational consulting firm based in Nigeria, specializing in processing school admissions and visas for students seeking to study abroad. As the firm grew, it faced challenges in managing its financial processes efficiently, leading to increased operational costs and profitability got affected. Bridge Path Partners, specializing in financial optimization, was engaged to help 365 Global streamline its financial operations and achieve significant cost savings.

Challenges Faced by 365 Global

Manual Financial Processes: The firm relied heavily on manual processes for bookkeeping, invoicing, and financial reporting, which were time-consuming and prone to errors.

Lack of Financial Visibility: Limited visibility into financial performance and cash flow hindered the firm’s ability to make informed business decisions.

High Operational Costs: Inefficiencies in financial processes resulted in higher operational costs, affecting overall profitability.

Compliance Issues: Inconsistent financial documentation led to challenges in maintaining compliance with local and international regulations.

Solutions Implemented by Bridge Path Partners

1. Process Automation

Implementation of SME Accounting Software: Bridge Path Partners introduced a robust accounting software tailored to the needs of 365 Global. This software will automate their daily bookkeeping, invoicing, and financial reporting processes, reconciling transactions, reducing manual intervention and errors.

2. Financial Visibility and Reporting

Customized Financial Dashboards: Bridge Path Partners developed simple customized financial dashboards that provided real-time insights into the firm’s financial performance, including revenue, expenses, and cash flow.

Regular Financial Reviews: Monthly financial reviews were instituted to track performance against budgets and forecasts, enabling proactive decision-making.

3. Cost Optimization

Expense Analysis: We did a thorough analysis of the firm’s expenses was conducted to identify areas of inefficiency. This led to the renegotiation of contracts and the elimination of non-essential expenses.

Process Improvements: Streamlined processes reduced the need for overtime and allowed staff to focus on value-added activities, resulting in labor cost savings.

4. Compliance and Risk Management

Standardization of Financial Documentation: Standardized templates for financial documentation were introduced to ensure consistency and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Training and Capacity Building: Staff will receive ongoing training on best practices in financial management and compliance, enhancing the firm’s overall financial governance.


Enhanced Efficiency: Automation of financial processes reduced the time spent on bookkeeping and reporting by 40%, allowing staff to focus on core business activities.

Improved Financial Visibility: Real-time financial dashboards and regular reviews provided greater visibility into financial performance, supporting better strategic decisions.

Significant Cost Savings: The firm achieved a 25% reduction in operational costs through optimized processes and expense management.

Compliance and Accuracy: Standardized documentation and training improved compliance with financial regulations and reduced errors in financial reporting.

365 Global collaborated with Bridge Path Partners to streamline and optimize its financial processes, resulting in notable cost reductions and improved operational efficiency.

The implementation of automated systems and improved financial visibility allowed the firm to make informed decisions and focus on growth, ultimately positioning it for greater success in the competitive educational consulting market.


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